3’D Revolution Technologies

3’D Revolution Technologies provides best in class 3D Printing, 3D Design, production consulting, and technology sales. We recognize that the Third Industrial Revolution, which began with the digital age, is accelerating and we want to assist others in their efforts to engage and embrace the technologies currently redefining the industrial landscape.

We believe these technologies offer abundant opportunity for sustainable, distributed, and democratic growth.

Post Industrial Manufacturing

3D Printing is Turning Industrial Printing on its Head

3D Printing is turning Manufacturing on its head “as it sails”

The Third Industrial Revolution, as described by Jeremy Rifkin in his book of the same title, is well represented in the 26 foot sculpture by Hung-Chih Peng from Taiwan. The sculpture is built of 100,000 individual parts, each 3D printed and assembled into the boat by hand. The work is called “The Deluge: Noah’s Ark.” Peng says it is a comment on the inability of humans to solve the crises that lay before them, including climate change.

Some believe that in order to solve the issues of our day, we must chart a “new course”, or “turn the ship around”! Consider this…Peng is using the technology of our day, not to reproduce, reposition, or re-design the Ark. He’s using it to turn the Ark on its head as it sails!

Our Vision

3’D Revolution Technologies promotes:

  • Freedom through innovation
  • The power to create
  • Making it real!

Our Pursuit

We accelerate business productivity, and provide manufacturing freedom through the adoption of best in class 3D technologies. We help companies establish and acquire their own 3D print strategies and capabilities.

Our Mission

Produce cost effective & functional commercial quality parts for our clients!