Our Process

We start with your concept/model, and then we make it…


  • Get 3D model (STEP or STL formats) of part(s)

  • Part Analysis and Cost Estimates based on your model

  • Optimize model using Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) principles.


  • Print cost effective prototypes

  • Validate physical outcomes and attributes associated with design

  • Iterate as required to achieve optimized outcomes

  • Develop project plan and budget (from prototype to fully scaled production)


  • Select appropriate materials, platforms, and settings for fabrication

  • Post Processing of 3D printed parts


  • Functional testing of the finished parts (both real world and/or simulations)

  • Iterate process of design, print, and testing as required

  • Develop strategies for scaled production

Using this method, we deliver cost effective & functional commercial quality 3D printed parts!
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Want to Accelerate Your Business?

3D Printing can…

  • Increase Design Freedom
  • Increase the value of products
  • Increase the rate of new product development
  • Make current infrastructure more productive
  • Reduce turnaround time on machined parts
  • Reduce assembly requirements
  • Reduce inventory requirements
  • Enable mass customization

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